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Phenylalanine-508 mediates a cytoplasmic–membrane domain contact in the CFTR 3D structure crucial to assembly and channel function
AWR Serohijos, T Hegedűs, AA Aleksandrov, L He, L Cui, NV Dokholyan, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (9), 3256-3261, 2008
Protein quality control acts on folding intermediates to shape the effects of mutations on organismal fitness
S Bershtein, W Mu, AWR Serohijos, J Zhou, EI Shakhnovich
Molecular cell 49 (1), 133-144, 2013
Protein folding: then and now
Y Chen, F Ding, H Nie, AW Serohijos, S Sharma, KC Wilcox, S Yin, ...
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 469 (1), 4-19, 2008
Multiple membrane-cytoplasmic domain contacts in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) mediate regulation of channel gating
L He, AA Aleksandrov, AWR Serohijos, T Hegedus, LA Aleksandrov, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (39), 26383-26390, 2008
Protein biophysics explains why highly abundant proteins evolve slowly
AWR Serohijos, Z Rimas, EI Shakhnovich
Cell reports 2 (2), 249-256, 2012
Merging molecular mechanism and evolution: theory and computation at the interface of biophysics and evolutionary population genetics
AWR Serohijos, EI Shakhnovich
Current opinion in structural biology 26, 84-91, 2014
Protein homeostasis imposes a barrier on functional integration of horizontally transferred genes in bacteria
S Bershtein, AWR Serohijos, S Bhattacharyya, M Manhart, JM Choi, W Mu, ...
PLoS genetics 11 (10), e1005612, 2015
Identification and rational redesign of peptide ligands to CRIP1, a novel biomarker for cancers
J Hao, AWR Serohijos, G Newton, G Tassone, Z Wang, DC Sgroi, ...
PLoS computational biology 4 (8), e1000138, 2008
Bridging the physical scales in evolutionary biology: from protein sequence space to fitness of organisms and populations
S Bershtein, AWR Serohijos, EI Shakhnovich
Current opinion in structural biology 42, 31-40, 2017
Computational studies reveal phosphorylation-dependent changes in the unstructured R domain of CFTR
T Hegedűs, AWR Serohijos, NV Dokholyan, L He, JR Riordan
Journal of molecular biology 378 (5), 1052-1063, 2008
Positively selected sites in cetacean myoglobins contribute to protein stability
P Dasmeh, AWR Serohijos, KP Kepp, EI Shakhnovich
PLoS computational biology 9 (3), e1002929, 2013
Diminished self-chaperoning activity of the ΔF508 mutant of CFTR results in protein misfolding
AWR Serohijos, T Hegedűs, JR Riordan, NV Dokholyan
PLoS Computational Biology 4 (2), e1000008, 2008
Influenza A H1N1 pandemic strain evolution–divergence and the potential for antigenic drift variants
EY Klein, AWR Serohijos, JM Choi, EI Shakhnovich, A Pekosz
PloS one 9 (4), e93632, 2014
The Influence of Selection for Protein Stability on dN/dS Estimations
P Dasmeh, AWR Serohijos, KP Kepp, EI Shakhnovich
Genome biology and evolution 6 (10), 2956-2967, 2014
Contribution of selection for protein folding stability in shaping the patterns of polymorphisms in coding regions
AWR Serohijos, EI Shakhnovich
Molecular biology and evolution 31 (1), 165-176, 2014
Evolution on the biophysical fitness landscape of an RNA virus
A Rotem, AWR Serohijos, CB Chang, JT Wolfe, AE Fischer, TS Mehoke, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 35 (10), 2390-2400, 2018
A structural model reveals energy transduction in dynein
AWR Serohijos, Y Chen, F Ding, TC Elston, NV Dokholyan
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (49), 18540-18545, 2006
Chromosomal barcoding of E. coli populations reveals lineage diversity dynamics at high resolution
W Jasinska, M Manhart, J Lerner, L Gauthier, AWR Serohijos, S Bershtein
Nature ecology & evolution 4 (3), 437-452, 2020
Structural basis for μ-opioid receptor binding and activation
AWR Serohijos, S Yin, F Ding, J Gauthier, DG Gibson, W Maixner, ...
Structure 19 (11), 1683-1690, 2011
Highly abundant proteins favor more stable 3D structures in yeast
AWR Serohijos, SYR Lee, EI Shakhnovich
Biophysical journal 104 (3), L1-L3, 2013
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